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Coffee that builds pathways for respectable, dignified and fair rural livelihoods.

We offer organic single origin specialty coffee from the Ixil mountains in Guatemala, where Ixil women farmers are rewarded beyond fair trade standards. 

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Green Coffee

Green coffee is unroasted coffee beans from Coffea fruits. Indeed, in their natural state, inside the red fruits of the coffee plant, the coffee beans are green: it is the roasting that gives them the brown or blackish tint that we know so well. The selection of green coffee from Mayan Mountain is ideal for those who want to roast them themselves.

Dark Roast

Our dark roast coffee is sweetened by rich biodiversity and purely nourished by the cloudy forested mountains of Ixil. Its flavour tend to be velvety in body and medium in acidity. Ixil women farmers carefully select them by hand, ensuring that each fruit is selected at its optimum point of ripeness. 

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