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Our Vision

Indigenous Mayan communities in Guatemala strive to produce commodities sustainably and promote agrobiodiversity, however, their produce is purchased by big companies with better market access who don’t compensate these communities fairly. We are working to provide transparency to farmers and empower collective bargaining and ownership for indigenous women farmers.   

About the project

Case Study - Guatemala struggles against various social and climatic elements that put pressure on its ability to conserve biodiversity by producing and selling ancestral foods. Organizations like Qachuu Aloom are already aiding in the production of traditional foods such as Amaranth, however, the demand for this multi-use plant & its grains is low due to difficulties getting their products through commercial food and safety standards.

Our solution is Mayan Mountain, a business model which supports and empowers women farmers in the Mayan Mountains to take ownership of their products and access the international market through collective business planning and implementation. We are stepping in to remove the barriers to accessing the global market and handle the sale and distribution of amaranth based products with the goal of increasing its overall consumption. 

Mayan Mountain is backed by mentorship through Barefoot College International.  We want to promote the trade of amaranth, a superfood native to Guatemala.


Practical uses and applications for amaranth-based products.

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